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Imagine the possibilities.

Imagine how lovely your home will be.

Imagine how it will add class and distinction to your residence, club or office....

If you are looking for that special item to add color and personality to your home in SecondLife,  you have come to the right place to enhance your area.

Xzari Curtains have more than 500 curtains that comes in a variety of fabrics, colors and styles.
The curtains are scripted and menu-controlled, and allows you to change color, set transparency, set privacy through the security menu (owner/group/all), some are sculpted, some has wind-options, some have included different particle-patterns, some has sliding open/close, some with lamellas that can rotate, and you will find many more options just by clicking the curtains to get a menu.
All curtains are copyable, and at Xzari Curtains you can click on all curtains to operate before you buy.

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Try before you buy.
Its worth it…