Xzari Persienna Curtains (Blinds)

Pretty Persienna curtains with soft windy flexi.                                 Persienna means a folded curtain or blind with advanced menudriven operation.

Persienna advanced menu:
Sliding Open/Close (up and down): 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
Colorable: 6 different colors to choose from
Resize: Make the curtain bigger or smaller. Max width 5 x 2 Metres. Max length 10 M.
Security: Includes permission option (owner/all).
Transparent: 5 different levels for transparency.
Particles: 6 different pretty particle patterns to choose from.
Reset: To make the curtain go back to default.
Help:  Get a notecard with explanations for the options.

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