Xzari Curtains FAQ

Are the curtains copyable?  

Yes, All Xzari curtains are copyable.


Are the curtains Modifyable?

Not all curtains are modifyabled. Only the Semi-advanced and the Basic+ curtains are modifyabled. The other types as advanced curtains and persienna and so are not modifyabled, because ir has a resize function too, and the sliding open/close are based on calculations of the size, so it ruins the open/close to modify manually.


Does the curtains lag?

There are no reports about that Xzari curtains are laggy. In Xzari mainshop there are 400 + curtains rezzed for display, and a theory is that if the curtains were lagging the sim, then the neighbors would have complained a long time ago :) So no. They are not lagging any sim.


Do you sell fullperm curtains?

No, at the moment there are no plans for selling the curtains full perm.


Can I have a demo to try out at home?

You can try to operate the curtain at the shop. Just click at the curtain to see how it functions.  A future plan is to establish a buy-demo button too at each curtain, but right now it is stalled because of the lack of prims on the plot.


Do you make custom curtains?

It depends. You cant order a curtain that looks like another curtain in SL. Thats illegal because of copyrights. You can order a special made one, if you have a clear idea of what you want, and if it fits with the type of Xzari Curtains that is already done.


Can I have an affiliate vendor with your curtains for my shop?

Its a project that is under way. Soon you will be able to get a affiliate vendor to put up in yur shop.